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Total treatment capacity of the AVEK facilities are capable of serving about 500,000 consumers.

Quartz Hill  –  Eastside  –  Rosamond  –  Acton / PWD Intertie

Quartz Hill Water Treatment Plant

  • The Quartz Hill Water Treatment Plant was the first plant built by the Agency.
  • The plant includes an administration building which houses the business offices and required plant offices including the bacterial and chemical laboratory.
  • The main control room monitors the Quartz Hill Plant and all of the Agency’s other treatment and distribution facilities.
  • The treatment plant receives water by gravity from the California Aqueduct. Screening and metering are provided at the head of the plant, followed by treatment chemical addition, flash mixing, tapered energy flocculation, clarification utilizing traveling bridges for sediment removal, and dual media filters.
  • Treated water is stored in a 9.2 million-gallon reservoir which supplies water by gravity into the distribution system. Decanted water from the solids removal process is returned to the plant influent.
  • After the completion of the second expansion in 1989, the Quartz Hill Water Treatment Plant became capable of producing 65 million gallons per day (mgd), enough to serve the needs of 280,000 people.

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Eastside Water Treatment Plant

  • Expansion of the Eastside Water Treatment Plant located between Littlerock and Pearblossom to 10 mgd was completed in late 1988. It can now serve the needs of about 44,000 consumers.

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Rosamond Water Treatment Plant

  • The 14 mgd Rosamond Water Treatment Plant was established to support the needs of consumers in southeastern Kern County, an area that includes Rosamond, Mojave, California City, Edwards Air Force Base and Boron.
  • Rosamond Water Treatment Plant is capable of providing water for 60,000 people.

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Acton Water Treatment Plant / PWD Intertie

  • The 4 mgd Acton Water Treatment Plant was completed in 1989. Water is pumped from the plant site near Barrell Springs Road, on Sierra Highway, to Vincent Hill Summit. From there it is pumped into a Los Angeles County Waterworks pipeline for transport to the Acton area. The plant’s capacity is sufficient to supply the needs of 17,000 consumers.