The Watermaster Meetings

Excerpts from Final Antelope Valley Watermaster 2016 Annual Report, Todd Groundwater, Watermaster Engineer, dated August 1, 2017 (except as added where emphasized with italics)


On June 30, 2016, the Court approved the Watermaster Board members on an interim basis and on September 8, 2016, approved the members on the terms provided by the Court-approved election rules. The Board held its first board meeting August 17, 2016 although there were informational meetings earlier, which were organized by some of the Watermaster designees prior to the election of the landowner Watermaster representatives. 

The Board typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month, with all meetings conducted in compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order as a guideline and shall be governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act. The public is welcome to attend and there is a period reserved on the agenda for public comment. The Watermaster Board has conducted its affairs transparently, including holding interviews and deliberations to select the Watermaster Engineer and Attorney in open session.


Please see the Watermaster Meeting calendar.